The direct voice of teachers and parents for the benefit of students and local schools.

We are: The Washington State K14 Faculty Senate & Research Alliance (WAFSRA), a professional nonprofit association. Our purpose is to provide a direct voice to teachers, to collaborate with parents and community business leaders, to originate and publish research in our online Journal of Classroom Practice & Leadership, and to advocate for public education through position papers developed and approved by a yearly August Congress. These position papers will serve as benchmarks of professional teaching practice in Washington State. Throughout the year, members will discuss and collaborate in online blogs and in open local meetings.

Once a year teachers, instructors, and doctoral researchers will meet in an August Congress of two bodies: (a) a Faculty Senate Congress of teachers and community college instructors and (b) a Community Congress of parents and local business leaders. The first August Congress will be on the CBC campus in Pasco on 12 & 13 August.

A central focus of this organization is to form strong collaborations between teachers, parents, and local businesses in the education of our children in locally controlled, public schools. Membership is open to certificated educators, to college and university faculty who teach at the freshmen and sophomore levels, and to related professionals with graduate degrees. Membership also includes parents and local business leaders.