A comment by Ruvine Jimenez

When my 8 year-old granddaughter expressed that she no longer wanted to attend school it was a red flag that something was wrong. Our family loves to learn, loves school, loves to read, etc. I went to her school and advised I wanted to set up an observation of the classroom. Once I observed her classroom I understood why she did not want to go to school. She was not being challenged! The students that needed extra help were being served by the classroom teacher and para-educators and the students like my granddaughter were working on dittos with no teacher or para-educator interaction.

No wonder she no longer liked school. Unfortunately, for us the school that she was attending did not have another 3rd grade English option so we moved her to a different school in the same school district. She flourished like you would not believe. The classroom environment was more conducive to interaction with the teacher and her peers. She was able to attend that school for 3rd and 4th grade and it did wonders for her. My suggestion is that when our children say something that raises a question in our thoughts that we act on them.

Too many times we brush our children’s concerns away because we think that we are to far removed to make a judgment that is best for our children. There in lies the problem. Parents devalue themselves. We as parents know our students better than anyone no matter what their university/college background. In order for us to help our children we need to listen to their concerns and do some fact finding and act.

Ruvine Jimenez

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About Dr. Charles Bickenheuser

My research focus is in cognitive language and leadership. My background includes classical philosophy, linguistics, and American authors of short stories, essays and poems. Finally, my doctorate is in education and my methodology is phenomenology and mixed method. I am retired from the active classroom; a long time ago I served as a medical sergeant in an airborne unit in Vietnam for two years.

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