Who Are We Doing It For?

As I see so many different perspectives on education, and hear so many different opinions on the matter, I wonder about one thing: what are some of the motivations?  It seems that while politicians bicker, unions talk about teacher pay, and publishers push their solutions, the true purpose seems to get lost in the siloed, fundamentalist, one-dimensional attempts to solve a three-dimensional problem.

Now while I’m sure each of the groups above are well intentioned, each one by iteself cannot solve the problem.  And each are motivated by different problems in the system.  So while decent teacher pay would help retain good teachers, does that fundamentally change how kids retain what they learn?  And while a good curriculum can improve ours kids’ learning, does the curriculum alone solve the problem?  Each group mentioned plays a role.  But who is looking at the most important stakeholder in all of this, without any bias or without any other motivations?

The one purpose for the whole discombobulated system is the student.  But those trees are now getting so tall that we can no longer see the forest.  Maybe it’s time to take a step back, change the perspective, remove all the filters from our information sources, realize the biases that exists in one-dimensional solutions, and focus on the one thing that should matter more than anything: our children.

Remove the silos between the educational institutions, abandon divisive partisanship, and unite for our children’s future.  It is time to bring together a bunch of unbiased, smart and caring people under one roof and start working on solving our education problems.

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