Director Vicki Abeles on her film, “Beyond Measure”

Edutopia called “Beyond Measure” “the most powerful film…in many years about what’s needed—and possible—in American education.” And the film is now at the top of Edutopia’s recommended education docs. Our book, Beyond Measure, also received a warm and positive review in the New York Times Sunday Book Review. And, at the beginning of this year, the New York Times ran our op-ed on the how the achievement race is making kids sick. The LA Times also ran our piece about time. This is a tremendous opportunity to build momentum and grow the movement. Please consider sharing these pieces via email, on social media networks, and with your community when you screen the film.

Another valuable resource is this new report on rethinking college admissions. Let’s see this restore the kinds of deep and meaningful learning experiences that we come across in “Beyond Measure.”

Note: “Beyond Measure” will be shown in the CBC Library Lecture Hall, L102, on 02 June beginning at 6:00 pm. Go to and open the top tab labeled Events & Local Films.

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My research focus is in cognitive language and leadership. My background includes classical philosophy, linguistics, and American authors of short stories, essays and poems. Finally, my doctorate is in education and my methodology is phenomenology and mixed method. I am retired from the active classroom; a long time ago I served as a medical sergeant in an airborne unit in Vietnam for two years.

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