My Class in Verse

By Calli P. Tuttle


She smiles.

She glowers.

A caramel raven flower.

A salty sour candy.

She is unique.

Unaware of the future she could attain.

Distancing herself from the sun.


He lights up the room.

He makes it look easy.

An imperfect perfection seeking his own way.

A path that diverges and yields opportunities.

He is unique.

Where will his talents take him if he chooses to hide them?

What will the world lose?


He is tranquility.

He is silent.

A follower with a good sense of direction.

A quiet thinker that safeguards secrets.

He is unique.

His friends and companions appreciate his balance.

Equilibrium is his legacy not to be forgotten.


He hurts.

He hides.

A strong facade to hide the gentle heart.

A diamond cracking from the pressure.

He is unique.

Where is his clan that will hold him aloft and bear him up?

Can this young man find his harbor?


He acts.

He performs.

A maladaptive spectacle for approval always burning the audience.

A confusion always seeking to not understand.

He is unique.

Will confidence and confidence ever enter him?

Will bridges manage to withstand his self-destruction?


She endeavors.

She strives.

A joy to friends and authorities.

A dulcet tenderness that diffuses tension.

She is unique.

Ever in favor, will she withstand true storms?

She shall unwittingly build a fortress of companions that will protect her.


She giggles.

She radiates.

A luminance of joy that brightens her friends.

A levity that shines for the world.

She is unique.

Will the wolves devour her innocence?

Will the world protect her?


He follows.

He is blind.

A victim seeking strength but following the weakest course.

A sadness seeking levity but continuing to fall.

He is unique.

Will the downhill path reach upward?

Will a drop of water rise to the sky?




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About Dr. Charles Bickenheuser

My research focus is in cognitive language and leadership. My background includes classical philosophy, linguistics, and American authors of short stories, essays and poems. Finally, my doctorate is in education and my methodology is phenomenology and mixed method. I am retired from the active classroom; a long time ago I served as a medical sergeant in an airborne unit in Vietnam for two years.

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